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No Donation !

We Voice of Indian don’t collect donations, membership fees, any other fees for our services. Many people wondered how we function without collecting donations.

It is our responsibility to explain about our functioning. Our functioning model is an example of other NGO’s who really want to render their service to society. We are successful in our functioning model and we proved that we are functioning correctly and rendering our services without collecting donations.

We are running this organization for public cause. We are doing it for ourselves. Because its our country. Its our society. Our generations should live in a society which has good atmosphere in all sort of things. We took an oath to make corruption free India for our generations and these like-minded people joined together and planted seeds for this organization.

We are not a full time organization but we deliver 100% real service to the people. This organization is comprised of people who are working in company, running own business, retired govt staffs…

We spend from our pocket for our organization activities. Also based on our experience we published a book on Right to Information Act in Tamil. Profits from book sales also support the organization activities.

In this we are successfully helped more than 2 lakhs people to solve their grievances through this act also 12000+ students to get education loan in time with no hassles using this powerful weapon.


  1. Dear Voice of Indian team,

    I would like to join your Team. Please add me in your membership.

    Thanking You

  2. All the best

    Anantha jyothi social organisation

  3. Srila Ramanujam

    I wasn’t able to register for your training class.
    Pl let me know when you are beginning your next class session.


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