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Golden Thieves !!!

It is a known fact  that during these 10 years the limit of price of gold is only the  sky .   At the same time in each Dist. Head Quarter at least two or three BIGGEST jewellery show rooms are day by day increasing .  It may be due to the fact that hereditary Our Indians have savings mind and they prefer  savings through procuring gold ornament.    This sort of savings is being done by people belong to poor , lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class through their hard earned money , just to meet their children’s education, marriage , building houses, purchasing house sites.    In most of the cases , while we are selling the gold for the above purposes or for any other purposes the value of  Gold in our hand would be assessed shockingly to a lesser amount by saying that they are inferior in quality .


  Yes , they are procuring such Hall mark seal even to their inferior quality jewels by paying HUGE BRIBE .

         Such seal i.e. Hall mark certification is being given ONLY BY THE CENTRAL GOVT., DEPARTMENT viz. Hallmark quality control branches in each and every state Headquarters .

  We could understand all the above , from a news flashed in a Tamil daily to the effect that  the vigilance squad has on 28th April at Chennai   seized 42 Kgs of Gold worth about Rs.12/- which  are poor in quality but given Hall mark certification , which were kept in hallmark quality control office, Chennai .

  This is according to me  only an  iceberg.  Before 28-04-2014, how many 100 kgs gold were given such cheating hall mark seal ? Will they stop even after such seizure or get  such cheating seal even for several 1000 kgs?  In this way only, the big jewelers who make  multi crore publicity  using cinema artists  to attract cheat and rob money from    public.

    GIGANTIC BUIILDINGS1!……MOST EVIL THEFT  ?   How to overcome this hurdle  and cheating ?

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  1. Iam a NRi.I dont prefer to buy gold ornaments in india.Because they are charging for wastages and the wasted gold is not given to us.In overseas there is no wastages and they will charge for gold price and workmenship pnly.This practice is too bad.

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