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A RTI Success message from Ahalya Desikan(Zeal 2 Heal Organization):

I wanted to thank Voice of Indian from bottom of my heart for the great opportunity they gave for me to know and get trained in RTI. Not like the boring sessions I attended. From the 1st class I knew these sessions would serve the purpose of attending. No unnecessary information at any point, though there were few repetitions.

I loved the clarity of  delivery by Sivaraj sir and Balasubramanian sir. I not only learnt RTI but several good aspects from both of you. Thanks a ton.

I would like to share the pleasure of my first RTI.

The RTI was to fetch information about free bags and slipper distribution scheme in a government school. With full hope on what I had been trained and with great support from Deepak I filed an RTI (My first RTI) requesting information on the scheme and all records pertaining to its existence. Approximately 20 days after the submission I got a call from the HM of a government school I am working with, asking if I had contacted their AO for details regarding bags. From her voice I could see she was terribly in tension and fear. I said not to worry as I had just asked for information and nothing else. She requested me not to contact AO again regarding this. I was slightly worried but learnt that I shouldn’t have filed the RTI in my name as she was familiar about me. Then 35 days passed, no information received. I had mixed thoughts on filing an first appeal as it might create bigger problems. I consulted with Deepak and he said lets file an appeal. But I waited. Few days later I got call from the HM saying that they might receive bags in few days. During my visit to the school some days later, the HM told me that they got bags and slippers for all children from the government. Also crayons for 3rd and 4th standard and they are yet to receive geometry boxes for one class. I was happy to the core. If this school got benefited am sure many other schools also would have got the benefit. I felt really lucky to witness the effect of my first RTI though I didn’t receive any information till now. I keep hearing Balasubramanian sir’s voice saying ” Don’t see if you got the information or not, See if the purpose was met”.

 For many RTI activists I swear they might not be able to witness the results. But I request all the activists to be proud because definitely the RTI would have had its effects but only thing is that they are not aware of the results.

 The sessions not only helped me in filing RTI’s smartly but also in many aspects of my life. I could write pages if I had to completely express the impact of the sessions and the great people ( Sivaraj sir,Balasubramanian sir, Deepak and Suresh) I have met in my life. Thanks a lot for all four of you.


Ahalya Desikan,

Founder/Managing Trustee,

“Zeal2Heal” Association,



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